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"LK Logo" designed by

Canadian graphic designer Gera (G) Tsatsura

The logo was first based on a picture by Les Kingdoms. which they felt captured their essence perfectly.

" Les Kingdoms represent two worlds coming together, learning to co-exist despite their differences. Surrounded by nature in a beautiful universe they are free to live, free to love. 


German Tsatsura is a multi-talented artist, graphic designer and entrepreneur/philanthropist living in the Toronto area, working with firms and companies to help grow their brand and
businesses through unique design.

Bandcamp-PURPLE2 copy.jpg
Bandcamp-PURPLE2 copy_edited.jpg

"Addicted 2 Ur Love" Cover art designed by

Hong Kong Artist Kaku Kayu

We met Kaku Kayu on Instagram after tumbling across her amazing profile. We couldn't believe the level of artistry and heart in her work at only 15 years of age! Her talent is unbelievable, even reminiscent of a young @hayaomiyazaki. We fell in love with her magical, mystical world.

We immediately reached out and asked her to be part of our project. What she created surpassed anything we could have imagined. We are thrilled to be able to share her unique talent with the world and continue to work with her to push our vision.

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